Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gesso Italiano San Diego 2011

Had a great time with my sisters painting in Little Italy last weekend. I had a hard time initially getting motivated to do this event this year. But when Aimee & Brandon were blessed with little baby Ben, I found my inspiration and proceeded to paint Raphaels Madonna Della Sedia! Yay!! Personally I love to paint the Madonna at this event and I had never done a Raphael piece before. What a treat. And although I missed Nicole greatly, Lisa stepped in and did a great job! Yay again! It was so relaxing and peaceful and rewarding, I love this piece. So enjoy and thank you to Steven Anderson the photographer for getting the best image of our work. :) 
PS: That is a little leaf that drifted by on top of the baby Jesus' head.. looks a bit like a crown doesn't it? ;)

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  1. Hi Karen !! I love you! You are an inspiration to all! A fantastic artist thru and thru. Our whole lives! What a talent,what a gift! I am blessed!! Proud!! The horns are blaring!! My sister My friend! Thank You!!